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Our students reciting The Lord's Prayer... in Greek.


This is a three-minute commercial that was done for use a few years ago by...
Yankee Communications, LLC in Salisbury, NH.
They have graciously donated their time and energy on this production for us.  We give them our sincerest gratitude! 

Jim Loboy of Channel 33's Daybreak comes to Holy Trinity Academy and Preschool to teach the students about the weather.  The kids had a blast!
He mentions us (and one of our yia-yia's too) on Daybreak on WYTV Channel 33.  Thank you to the entire My Valley Weather Team!

Mrs. Anzivino went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Israel.  Her, along with several other pilgrims, embarked on a 7-day pilgrimage with fellow parishioners of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church of Warren and several clergy from the Warren and Youngstown areas.

This pilgrimage was much like a marathon run.  For seven straight days, from dawn to dusk they traveled Israel's most Holy of sites and cities.  She took home with her many icons, pictures and gifts for her family at home, at her church, and her family at Holy Trinity.  Most importantly, she brought back with her a renewed sense of spirit, and a true affirmation of her faith.

After returning from the Holy Land, she shared her experiences with her students, staff... which was almost impossible to convey.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  In this case, that's entirely true.  We hope this slideshow movie illustrate - at least a little - of what our local pilgrims had experienced in Israel.  Thank you Mrs. Anzivino for sharing with us your pilgrimage!