About Who We Are...
Our Mission
As the ONLY Orthodox Christian school in Ohio, we believe as an extension and fulfillment of the primary parental responsibility for their children, is to provide an education that:
    - Is academically superior, and reinforces Christian
    - Guides spiritual and social development of
      students by their participation in the Orthodox
      community and liturgical cycle.
    - Provides a high quality learning environment for
      successful social and cognitive development of the
A Strong Christian Foundation
A healthy education is built alongside a strong Christian character. Education means little when one doesn't have the common sense to put it to good use.
With 2000 years of proven Christian philosophy, we believe that the Golden Rule, self-responsibility, hard work, humility and integrity, are key components in nurturing a well-rounded child. Our students develop a sturdy foundation built to live a meaningful life well beyond the academic years.
Excellent Student to Faculty Ratio
It is also our policy to have no more than 15 students per teacher in any academy classroom, and no more than twelve in a preschool class.  We understand the importance of one-on-one classroom attention.
Rather than a student getting overlooked in a crowded classroom, our environment allows the child to excel at their own pace as well as allows our teachers to work with the strengths of each child on an individual basis. This can help us identify areas of need, while propelling them forward in subjects inherently strong to them.