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"...I couldn't imagine sending her anywhere else."

posted Feb 27, 2012, 10:04 AM by Fredrick Anzivino   [ updated Feb 27, 2012, 10:04 AM ]
"Let me just say that Holy Trinity is great!  I wouldn't have asked for a better school for my daughter.  [She] just adores her and all her classmates."

“When [she] started Kindergarten we were going to send her to a Christian school that we heard was terrific.  […]  There are not many Christian schools in our area here in Warren.  I was desperate and did not want to send her to public school.  I went searching through the phone book looking for Christian schools and that is simply how I found Holy Trinity.  I called and set up an appointment without knowing anything about the school at all.  I had no idea what to expect. I also knew it was an Orthodox school (which we are not) and I didn't know much about the Orthodox religion.”

“… We went in for our appointment, spoke with them, viewed the school, asked questions and by the time we left we knew this was where we were going to send her.  It all made sense.  This school turned out to be the best thing and I couldn't imagine sending her anywhere else.  As long as the school is open and God willing, [our daughter] will be going to Holy Trinity.”

“The teachers are terrific.  They would lay down their lives for these children and you know that's true.  Because of their dedication and wonderful teachings, these children are so well behaved, share a love for God and are truly genuine in everything they do.  [Our daughter] is my reminder every day of God's love and blessings.  From the things they are taught and practice every day in school, she helps teach me and remind me what it takes to be a good, God loving person.”

“The students are able to learn so much in such a short time and the teachers are able to help them at their own pace because of the small classes.  I was amazed and still am amazed at how smart these children are and how much they are able to absorb.  We have a small family at Holy Trinity.  We all work together to achieve the same goal.  You'll see, if you choose our school (and I say OUR school because it is all of ours) you'll also become part of our ‘family’.  If there's a personal issue or any other concern, you can always talk to the teachers or members of the Board.” 

“I say all of this not because I'm trying to "sell" you but because this is truly my feelings and I can't express enough how great it is.  Trust me.  I could go on and on about other details of the school but you have to experience it for yourself.” - By a Parent (February 2012)