Academy Hours
Drop off and pickup times - Please be prompt

Arrival - 8:10 - 8:20 AM
First Release - 3:00 PM
Second Release - 3:10 PM
Academy Tuition Rates

Annual Tuition = $4,650
$422.73 per month
(11-month payment plan - July through May)
Academy Deposits and Fees
Due at registration to hold student's place in class

Academy Deposit: There is no longer a deposit required for our Academy.  Tuition payments for the Academy begin in July and are non-refundable in case of early withdrawal.
EdChoice Materials Fee (one-time): An initial, one-time $100.00 book and materials fee is charged for EdChoice students.
Fundraising Fee (annual): $100.00
Registration Fee (annual): $60.00
(Further definitions of deposits are defined below)
Miscellaneous Fees
For Academy and Preschool

Late Pickup Fee = $25.00
Returned Check Fee = $35.00
Preschool Hours
Drop off and pickup times - Please be prompt

Full-Day Classes - 8:10 AM - 3:00 PM
Half-Day Classes (AM) - 8:10 AM - 11:30 AM
Half-Day Classes (PM) - 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Preschool Tuition Rates
Using a 10-month payment plan (August - May)

5 Full-Days = $380 / month (half-days = $209)
3 Full-Days = $247 / month (half-days = $136)
These rates are based on full-year enrollments.  We have a wonderful, year-long preschool curriculum that strategically prepares young children for kindergarten.  Accordingly, these rates are priced for full year enrollment.  For mid-year or month-to-month add 15%.  Class availability may depend on enrollment.
Preschool Deposits and Fees
Due at registration to student's hold place in class

Preschool Deposits: A one-month deposit holds your place in the class.  This deposit will be used as your last tuition payment in May.
Preschool Supply Fee (annual): $30.00
Registration Fee (annual): $60.00
Optional additional half-day preschool: $10 per day.

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