Order of AHEPA Donates to Holy Trinity

posted Dec 17, 2010, 8:59 AM by Fredrick Anzivino   [ updated Dec 20, 2010, 2:30 PM ]
   December 1, 2010 - Order of AHEPA - Lincoln Chapter 89 Donated $200.00 to Holy Trinity today.  Three representatives of the school, Betty Ann Perschka, Sonya Anzivino and Fred Anzivino were invited to speak on behalf of the school during the local AHEPA's November 30th board meeting, by their board president James Denney.  Mr. Denney donated an additional $50 in support of our school.
   As many people may know, every donation is precious to us.  Every donation we receive affords us another moment, and another opportunity to continue giving our students the best possible education academically and spiritually that are second to none in the area.
   We thank the board and members of AHEPA for allowing us to take up some of their meeting time to shed some light on Holy Trinity.  The folks at the meeting were very kind and welcoming, and we appreciate their generosity.
The donation came with a letter which reads...
December 1, 2010
Thank you for attending our meeting last night and for putting on such an impressive program. It is obvious that all of you are very dedicated, and have taken on this task out of your love for the Orthodox Church and its future. After your departure, we voted without dissent to pass a motion to donate $200.00 to the Academy. The check is enclosed.
The historical link between the Holy Orthodox Church and the promotion and recognition of Hellenism, one of our primary missions as AHEP ANs, is one which should never be broken or denied.
I have also enclosed my personal donation of $50.00. I realize that these amounts are small in comparison to your budget, and I wish we could do more to assist. Please keep me informed regarding any future fund raisers that the school is having.
- J. Maropoulakis Denney
AHEPA Board President"