NOBODY has a referral program for parents like we do...
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Attention Parents!

You can earn up to $840.00 tuition credit

For students you refer to Holy Trinity!!

If you refer new students to Holy Trinity’s Academy or Preschool, you can earn tuition credits to lower, and even eliminate your tuition payments for the entire year!


Here’s how it works…

The first student you refer to Holy Trinity will earn you a 10% credit of whichever program they enroll in, for their first year at Holy Trinity.  If you refer a second, or third or more, you will earn an additional 20% credit for each referral, up to your tuition balance.

For example, if you refer a new preschool student who enrolls for our 5-day, full-day program, you will have earned $340.00* reduction of your tuition for the year.  If you then refer a second 5-day, full-day preschooler, you could earn an additional $680.00* reduction.  That’s a total of $1,020.00* off of your tuition for only two referrals!  It’s that simple.


All the fine print and details…


First – If you bring multiple referrals, the bonuses will be awarded in order of the dates your referrals enroll their children and the date they make their deposits.  If your referrals enroll their children and they pay their deposits at the same time (such as a family with three children), then the bonus will be awarded by age of the students.

Second – Your tuition reductions will be awarded the month after your referral makes their tuition payments to the school.  For example, when your first referral makes their August tuition payment of $340.00, your October’s tuition statement will be reduced by $34.00 (or 10%), and so on until the end of the school year.

Third- You must participate in all scheduled fundraising events throughout the school year. If you are not able to attend but get someone to take your place you are still eligible for the tuition credit.

We strongly believe in Holy Trinity and we believe you do too.  We may have now found a way for Holy Trinity to grow and to reward you along the way.


* - Reflects 2013-2014 school year’s rates

Fredrick Anzivino,
May 28, 2014, 6:21 AM